A revolutionary ecosystem

HGlobal is an empowering cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers multiple personal and corporate finance solutions. Take full advantage of HToken’s predictability!

Discover a new way to grow your wealth

From multi-token trading capacities to fully-fledged merchant solutions, HGlobal supports your financial growth through FinTech features.

A fast, flexible and secure ecosystem

Whether you are looking to activate crypto-payment methods, invest in cryptocurrency or finance your business with crypto, HGlobal is your go-to ecosystem.

Thousands of users reap the benefits of using HToken

HGlobal is the core set of financial management solutions for individuals and businesses looking to use HTokens as their cryptocurrency operations. As an all-inclusive ecosystem, HGlobal implements the technology to conduct day-to-day transactions, as well as long-term investment and personal/corporate credit loans.

An ecosystem redefining financial freedom


We are a globally leading cryptocurrency solutions provider.


Visit our exchange to conduct trading on our proprietary exchange platform.


Seamless cryptocurrency business capacities.


Access unlimited financial and commercial features with a revolutionary token.


Take HGlobal wherever you go, on any device.

Are you ready to join HGlobal?
Here is an extended list of solutions

  • Algorithmic Finance
  • Pre-set Earnings Infrastructure
  • HToken Exchange Ecosystem
  • Full Multi-language Support
  • Massive Merchant Platform
  • Flexible & Secure Payment System
  • Individual/Corporate Loans
  • Proprietary Decentralized Exchange
  • Reliable Financing Options
  • Novel Trust Fund Services
  • Advanced Dividends Calculator
  • Engaging Ambassador Program
  • Intuitive e-Learning Offer
  • Globally Accessible Ecosystem
  • Insurance/Pension/Education Funds
  • Interest-free Financing
  • Interest-free Mortgage Solutions
  • Fee-Less Credit Cards
  • Interest-free Lines of Credit
  • International Affiliate Programs
  • Proprietary Social Network
  • Top Notch Support
  • Secure & Reliable Digital Platform
  • Solid Blockchain Technology
  • Compatible Global Business Model
  • Community Supported Forum
  • Fee-less Peer-to-Peer Payments

A financial ecosystem like no other

HGlobal is redefining how finance operates by ascertaining efficacy, flexibility, and predictability through a reliable ecosystem of economic solutions. Based on its incomparable tokenomics, having HToken as the basis of its infrastructure, HGlobal drives value to businesses and individuals with an all-encompassing set of services that serve every financial need in a solid manner.

We are proud to say that HGlobal is paving the way towards true financial empowerment with a user-centered ecosystem that enables 21st-century commercial features with next-gen Banking-as-a-Service innovation.

Your cryptocurrency solutions just got better:
Grow your personal or corporate wealth!


Fee-less Peer-to-Peer Payments


Interest-free line of credit


Predictable Algorithmic Finance

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Deep integration with merchant tools for finance.
Get ready to use cryptocurrency in your business, the right way!

Credit cards and lines of credit reimagined

HCredit is an innovative credit system that focuses on interest-free & fee-less credit cards and lines of credit offers that remodel how HToken users manage their finances. As always, HGlobal is centered on its community’s financial wellbeing.

Buy and sell HToken in a hassle-free manner

HExchange is a financial platform dedicated to enabling the purchase and selling of HToken tokens among users in a reliable and stable fashion. HGlobal offers exceptionally integrated solutions for token exchange needs with a steadfast trading platform.

Commercial & Personal Loans Redefined

Reap the benefits of HFinance with fully-fledged interest-free commercial and personal loans, advanced financing, and unifying mortgage solutions in a customer-focused setting. This is a true financial revolution that is available to HToken users from around the world.

Insurance, pension and education funds based on HToken

HMutual offers an incomparable fund mechanism for HToken users for mutual insurance, pensions, and education insurance needs. Take advantage of our customer-focused solution and become financially free without the nuisance of traditionally established fund administration options.

Conduct seamless Peer-to-Peer fee-less payments

HPay is the all-in-one payment solution that enables fee-less transactions between HGlobal users using HToken as their cryptocurrency option. Unlimited transactions take place in a secure environment allowing for easy-to-use payment scheduling and much more.

HGlobal’s Merchant portal and Ecosystem

HStore is in a league of its own within the HGlobal ecosystem, as it allows for merchants from all over the world to list their business and engage in commercial activities through its integrated e-commerce platform. Businesses can showcase their products and services to HToken users across the globe.

Controlling the bank-like features of HToken

HTrust is the HGlobal division that englobes the Banking-as-a-Service features that the ecosystem offers, supporting HExchange and HPay in its payment cycle and solidifying the efficacy of transactions across HGlobal.

An innovative education portal that empowers the HCommunity

HUniversity is a solid, feature-rich e-Learning management suite for HToken users and HToken Ambassadors that wish to take their understanding to the next level. It offers specialized programs that cover core aspects of the HToken philosophy, its ecosystem and uses for individual and commercial purposes.

Use our Decentralized Exchange to trade HToken with ease.

HDex is the official Decentralized Exchange Platform for HToken. Users are able to exchange our tokens with other altcoins such as Ethereum and EOS using their crypto wallets in a safe and efficient manner.

What our users say about us

“As the all-encompassing HToken environment, HGlobal offers incomparable solutions for next-generation financial needs, thus reimagining how personal and professional finance work from the ground up.”

“HGlobal is a groundbreaking financial solution for SMEs looking to grow their companies by enabling cryptocurrency payments on a fee-less and interest-free model that anyone can relate to, especially in these post-Covid times.”

Real support by real people

We are an incredibly diverse and devoted group of professionals striving for a fairer and more inspiring personal and business financial environment. Learn more about us.